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Call or Text: (214) 942-3740

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For MedSpa Services and Medical Weight Loss:

Texas Compassionate Use Consultation

Skandii MedSpa Clean Flex Wellness Membership

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Medical Records

We have three different forms available to request or release your medical records.  Read the descriptions below and pick the one 

Release Records to Dr. Toker:

To have your records sent to Dr. Toker from another physician or facility,, you will need to print this form out:


Release Records from Dr. Toker:

To have your records sent from Dr. Toker to another physician or facility, you will need to print this form out:


Request Records from USMD:

If you have seen Dr. Toker before from 2004 to April 2020, you will need to fill out this form so we may request your original chart from our former practice: