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Anna Toker, MD

A Convenient Procedure to

Screen and Prevent Cancer

Furthermore, it lessens painful reactions and complications, shortens hospital stays, and speeds up recovery.


Cologuard vs Colonoscopy

In this video, I discuss how Cologuard is a pre-screening colon cancer test. It counts as your cancer screening test for most insurances, so, if your test is positive (30% chance it will be) then you need a diagnostic colonoscopy to find the potential polyp or tumor. Consult with your insurance company regarding costs. It may be more cost effective to you to have a screening colonoscopy. 

Colonoscopy bowel prep and procedure information

Bowel Prep for colonoscopy

The worst part of a colonoscopy is the bowel prep. In this video I explain the process of a bowel prep.

Colonscopy procedure details

In this video I explain the nature of a colonscopy, how to prepare for it, the risks, and the benefits.

Colorectal Colonoscopy for Cancer Screening and Prevention 

I also offer colorectal colonoscopy here at Anna Toker, MD in Mansfield, Texas. This procedure screens cancer at an early stage and prevents it from spreading further. Contact me for more details about this procedure.

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